Silence… Just found this great quote :-)

It’s not that I hate people. The other best times in my life were with people. But it’s interesting how many highlights were just sitting in a room, in that wonderful creative flow. Free from the chatter of the world.

~Derek Sivers

I do agree and I do love this quote 🙂

OOO why didn’t I know about -OutVariable ….

Down the rabbit hole it goes. If you watch @jsnover and / or @concentrateddon in some of there videos you will not return to the Surface for a very — very long time…
All the new stuff you learn, and didn’t know and little tricks…

Uuu UUU I like to know more about that and PAUSE, “hmm if I open Powershell and try this out, then what¿ OO cute”,  and then….

Lather…. Much lather!

MOM!!! I thinks I found dad…

BTW… Here is the video I was watching when I got hit 🙂

365 dages ago, I sad the 3 words, “Then I quit”.

When I got out of the bed that morning, I wasn’t planning on saying that. I liked my job, I liked working with my, at that time, colleges.
I worked at that company for all most 7 years and I felt that I was moving forward. 4 years in, I got a new manager, and he and I didn’t have a common understanding, what I was needed to do.

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The Year 2015 – Some weeks, days, hours, minutes in.

Dear all

The year 2015 is here, and we have all lived a little part of it already.

The year 2014 have in many ways been a great year for me, and I’m happy for all the bad and great things that have happen. Without big and small, good and bad events we will not evolve us as humans and personality.
The year started with a BIG smile on my lib’s, as Henriette, my beloved wife, came in to the bedroom one morning, I’m pregnant, she told me, at 06 am!!! What a way to wake up. Some months and days later, on the 28/07, Lora came to the world, a Baby girl. WHAT a rush!

The year 2014… 24 hours in.

Dear all…

The year 2014 is here… And another year have past… Every year around the end of the year, I can’t help myself, thinking about the year that have past, and what I have used my time on.

2013 have been a great and tough year.

It was a new decade for me. I was a few days in to my thirties and as every year I stop up at the end, and start to think about the year, every decade I stop up and look at the last 10 years… I started to search again for something, not something specific, but just searching while thoughts was flying around.
The year started as most years,

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